Liquid Mirror

Much like staring into water, Liquid Mirror presents a fluid and changing image to the onlooker.

Imbued with synthetic resin and colour, the mirrors of this collection gain depth and materiality. Each mirror turns a supposedly neutral and flat reflection into a playful and tangible portrait of space and self.

Liquid Mirror ::: Circle ::: Dimensions L 80 x W 3 x H 80 cm ::: Stainless Steel, Epoxy resin
Liquid Mirror ::: Oval ::: Dimensions L 28 x W 3 x H 45 cm ::: Stainless Steel, Epoxy resin
Liquid Mirror ::: Rectangle ::: Dimensions L 32 x W 6 x H 170 cm ::: Plexi glas, Paper, Epoxy resin

This project was shown as part of the exhibition BODY LANGUAGE within the Collective DUTCH INVERTUALS at the Salone del Mobile Milan, 2015; at the D’Days Paris, 2015 and at MUDAC –  Museum of Contemporary Design and Applied Arts, Lausanne, CH.